Majid Farahbod (born June, 1983) is a director, photographer, graphic designer,  and music producer, originally from Iran.

He is one of the most popular music video directors in the Iran, and has won numerous awards.

The Most viewed Persian music video to this day, is Majid Farahbod’s art named “Mohsen Yeganeh – Behet Ghol Midam (I promise you)” with over 193 million viewers on Youtube.

Majid has worked with Iranian music’s biggest stars, including Iranian celebrities such as Mohsen Yeganeh, Yas, Sirvan Khosravi, Masih & Arah AP, Armin 2afm (Zarei) , Zed Bazi, Mohammad alizadeh, Ashvan, Xaniar, Masoud Sadeghloo, Meysam Ebrahimi, Naser Zeynali, and more.

Following his graduation went to Shahid Beheshti University of Karaj to continue his education and starting his professional career as a photographer, illustrator, and designer.

In 2010, he began writing music, directing and producing music for himself and other artists, and in less than a year became known for his work.